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Recently, I read Romans 12:9-21. If you've never read these verses before, I highly recommend that you do! You can literally break down every sentence in these verses and apply them to your life. Today, I want to share the part of these verses that stood out to me.
Romans 12:12 says; "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." FAITHFUL IN PRAYER! That's the part that stood out like a sore thumb. It made me think of my relationships with my friends, coworkers, and family. How often do I communicate with the people I love? I know that my closest friends are the ones that I text/call on a regular basis. Prayer is the EXACT same thing. It's communication with our Heavenly Father. Realistically, however, we fail to be "faithful" when it comes to this daily interaction. It's like we only go to Him when things are bad, or even when things are extremely good and we shout a "thank you, Jesus!" However, what about just a "check-in" when you wake up? Or a, "what's up, Jesus," when you're driving? We have to learn to set Christ in first place; before our family, our talents, the church, before our job, our school... and it all starts with prayer.
A praying heart is a heart that learns to grow in Jesus. A heart that grows in Jesus, is a heart that walks with Jesus. A heart that walks with Jesus is a heart that through trials, tribulations, happiness, sorrow, temptations and anything that comes our way... rejoices and remains at peace.
Have you prayed today?

Kati Britton
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Roger Hernandez   Kati Britton is a native from Sahagun, Cordoba, Colombia. She has spoken to Hispanic youth all over the world, and is passionate about ministry through sports.

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